MPOB, Malaysian Nuclear Agency ink MoU for palm-based research using radiation technology

Caption: MPOB Director General Dr. Ahmad Parveez Hj Ghulam Kadir with the signed MOU.


BANGI, Malaysia - Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) and the Malaysian Nuclear Agency, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for cooperation in the implementation of two palm-based research projects using radiation and other potential projects in the future.


The MoU signed today is a first step and will act as an umbrella for research projects implementation cooperation between MPOB and the Malaysian Nuclear Agency.


The first project is joint research in palm polyol and bio-polyester polyester for the production of water-based acrylate polyurethane dispersions for the production of advanced coating materials using radiation technology.


The second project is a joint research in palm polyol and bio-polyester for the production of photopolymer resins for the production of 3D scaffolding for tissue engineering in applications in biomedicals using radiation technology.


For other potential projects, both parties will conduct other researches that will be mutually agreed in the future.


MPOB Director General, Dr. Ahmad Parveez Hj. Ghulam Kadir said MPOB has the expertise to produce palm-based polyols and bio-polyester polyols.


“The polyol produced is found suitable for the production of water-borne polyurethane dispersions for coatings and 3D scaffolding for tissue engineering in biomedicals. Malaysian Nuclear Agency, on the other hand, has expertise in the field of research and use of radiation technology and also 3D printing technology,” he said at the MoU signing ceremony here today.


According to Dr. Ahmad Parveez, in particular, the MoU will add skills and knowledge for sustainable development by using radiation technology for research officers at MPOB.


“It is also a new exploration for palm polyol and bio-polyester polyol for the production of coating materials from water-based polyurethane dispersions and tissue engineering 3D scaffolding products in biomedical applications using radiation technology.


The products that will be produced are more environmentally friendly. It will also open up commercialisation opportunities for palm-based products that use radiation technology,” he said.


Dr. Ahmad Parveez said, the MoU will provide many benefits to both parties and they can share expertise in the production of advanced materials based on palm oil using radiation technology.


Malaysian Nuclear Agency Director-General, Ts. Dr. Siti A’iasah Hashim said, she hoped the expertise of both agencies as well as the facilities and laboratories of both parties could be used to make the collaboration a success.


"I hope that the current situation, whereby the country is working to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic will not affect and cause delay in the planned activities and objectives of the projects that have been set to be fully achieved," added Ts. Dr. Siti A’iasah.


Ts. Dr. Siti A’iasah also hopes that the results of the research collaboration can create new industries that can support efforts towards making Malaysia a sustainable high-tech country.


The Malaysian Nuclear Agency is a research agency in the field of nuclear science and technology in Malaysia that has a vision for nuclear science and technology for the generation of knowledge, prosperity and well-being of the society and the country.


The agency is also a leader of excellence in the field of research and application of nuclear technology for sustainable development which has been manifested through various technical cooperation projects with specific agencies.


MPOB is a statutory body in research and development that plays an important role in promoting and developing national goals, policies and priorities for the sustainability of the palm oil industry in Malaysia.

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